About Us

Welcome to Sautee Restaurant

Sautee is the first dine-in, delivery & takeaway healthy food restaurant in Egypt. We established Sautee based on the concept of “you are what you eat” thus; if you eat healthy food, it will make your body, mind, and soul nourished, empower your lifestyle, and motivates you to do more.

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healthy eating | sautee restaurant Healthy Food
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Natural & Fresh Inside Out

In Sautee, we use only fresh food ingredients.

 We play our magic to make all the healthy meals uniquely tasty. We do this to all the 200+ meals, salads, beverages, and desserts varieties we serve.

What/Whom Do We Serve?

We serve all types of healthy foods that suit all types of diets; such as keto, vegetarian, vegan, low carb, and more. We also provide special delicious meals for allergic customers. Moreover, we provide outstanding healthy meals for those who care to maintain their lifestyle. All of it is served in a dine-in luxury and comforting place where you and your loved ones can spend a good time and make wonderful memories.